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Grow Your Business With the Power of Connections

Make every customer feel like your only one with countless features to prioritize their calls, and give them a call back when you miss them. Giving them the support they need builds customer relations that last a lifetime.

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Scalability to Grow as Your Business Grows

TelephoneYacht is effective in serving businesses of all size. Whether you need to add additional lines, or need new features, we’ve got you covered. The sky is the limit with our pay as you grow model, this allows our customers to add additional services as needed.

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Not Limited to an Office, Work from Any Location

Take calls from anywhere, even on the go. This gives you the freedom to work according to your needs while having phone service whenever you need it. Take those important calls without being limited to a certain location.

Easy Set-up and Low Maintenance

  • We know how important your time is when it comes to building a business. Which is why we make our onboarding process quick and easy.
  • With 99.999% uptime, there is no need to worry about downtime during our setup process. New VOIP phone service will be setup in a matter of a few minutes.
  • No more equipment lying around, or wires getting tangled. Our cloud-based phone service is secure and reduces any excess hardware and cables that are no longer needed.
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The Complete Business Communications System for Growing your Start-Up Business

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Length of Service:

Don’t get tied down into a contract you’re unsure of. With TelephoneYacht you have countless options to choose from. Whether you want a monthly or annual deal we’ve got you covered.

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