"I recommend and refer my clients to TelephoneYacht because I believe in providing solutions and not introducing problems. The beauty of TelephoneYacht is that their solution is bulletproof, requiring little to no support and works with any high-speed Internet services provider."

Henry Campbell

(Owner, Law Firm)
Client testimonial image
Client testimonial image

"We are lucky to have found a great business phone service plan that works with all of our company’s needs for a low cost. Thanks TelephoneYacht."

Peter Sadler

(VP of Operations, Health care)

"Ever since we switched to TelephoneYacht, we were able to get rid of our outdated phone systems and clutter of wires and onsite PBX’s. We switched to cloud-based phone service, eliminating the need for extra hardware. TelephoneYacht has proven to be reliable countless times throughout the years, and we will continue working with them."

William Ryder

(I.T. Manager, Non-for-profit)
Client testimonial image
Client testimonial image

"We were tired of our on-site phone systems constantly going down and having to pay for technicians to come out and repair them, so we looked for an alternative. We found TelephoneYacht and haven’t looked back since, their simple plan structure and support means no more problems for us."

Jason Hasenberg

(IT director, Manufacturing firm)

"In the world of cutting the cord and simplifying everything, TelephoneYacht has nailed it. They make everything incredibly easy and seamless to switch over from the plain old telephone systems that are outdated with no features, to their full-fledged phone systems packed with useful features. The support is fantastic, even on Holidays."

Justin Scott

(VP of Information Technology, Horticulture.)
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