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In today’s competitive environments you need more than the basics that old-fashioned phone systems had to offer. With a range of features and automations to choose from, TelephoneYacht makes the onboarding process a smooth hassle free process that is completely hands off.

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Everything You Need in One Easy to Use System

Stay in touch with employees and customers across North America. No matter the time of day, get in touch with who matters.

Miles apart means nothing with high quality VOIP service, connect with others around the globe at the simple press of a button. While offering the lowest rates, and crystal clear quality; your business will be thanking you.

A vital part of all emergency services is 911 communications, included in all of our packages.

Switching to TelephoneYacht doesn’t require you to lose your existing number, we will take your existing business number and transfer it over to TelephoneYacht.

Transfer numbers over at no additional cost.

A solution for those with non-local customers who call their business.

Want to change your business number? We’ve got you covered; we will find you a new local number to improve your communication with customers.

Direct incoming calls to the correct extensions, ensuring your customers are professionally supported.

Direct Inward dialing allows employees to call each other using extension numbers. Making it an easy process for communication between teams and offices.

When your business is busy, leave opportunities open by having a voicemail option. Callers can leave you with a detailed message, which you can listen to at any time.

Connect your customers to the right place, by transferring their calls seamlessly.

You determine how incoming calls to your business are handled, including after hour messages.

Make the most out of your meetings, with our advanced tools and features in voice conferencing. Productive meetings give you more time for what really matters!

Avoid missing important calls with our ring group feature. By having groups of extensions ring when one extension is called allows the nearest user to answer the phone, so your customers are always professionally supported.

A feature for collaboration with more than 3 people, in a call. Enhance your business by connecting teams and customers on a single call.

Ease your customers and employees by making and receiving calls globally. Whether you’re on vacation or a business trip, you will have the ability to communicate across the world.

While on hold, transferring, or while waiting in a queue, keep customers entertained with different options of music.

Need to step out of the office and don’t want to miss a call? This feature allows you to easily move calls from your desk phone to your mobile in seconds to continue that call on the go.

Make informed business decisions based on the activity and performance of your call analytics. Stay up to date with your business’s progress and reports.

We offer full onsite phone system design, deployment, and support solutions custom tailored to your needs. If you or your team ever has a concern, open a support ticket with TelephoneYacht and we will ensure it is taken care of.*

There’s no need to wait days or weeks to have your phone service set up, with TelephoneYacht we move quick with 99.99% of uptime we will make sure your service with us is always up to par.

The old days of having multiple wires attached to phones is long gone. We use VOIP phone service, so everything runs seamlessly together over an IP network. Simplicity with high quality, we ensure fantastic service your business will love.

We know how important it is to get in touch at the right time, which is why our customer support is 100% US based. Easy communication is vital to us, which is why we are only a phone call away!

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone exchange solution managed offsite over a cloud- based IP network. Being cloud based allows this telephone exchange system to run seamlessly over the internet.

Keep your existing phones, while enjoying the benefits of having TelephoneYacht as your new VOIP provider. No matter what phones you choose, our service will be phenomenal across the board.

No business should have to worry about two different bills for phones and service, and that’s where TelephoneYacht comes in. We offer all in one solutions to make it a smooth process for businesses to upgrade their telecom needs. Upgrade your office phones with a variety of options to choose from.

Access your voicemail’s from anywhere you are with the remote voicemail feature.

TelephoneYacht prides itself in custom tailoring your phone systems to best suit your business needs. Whether you need to set up call routing, hunt groups, directories, etc., TelephoneYacht is just a call away.

Receive calls from anywhere with our call forwarding feature. Even if you’re out of office, office calls can be sent to your mobile phone so customers can always reach you.

Have multiple phones ring simultaneously, so a call never gets missed.

At TelephoneYacht we pride ourselves in offering some of the lowest priced all inclusive plans on the market. If you find a deal better than ours, send the quote to us and we will match the price* We believe in high quality, affordable products and services.

The flexibility is all yours when it comes to choosing a plan that works best for you. Its your business and you know what works best, call us today to discuss a variety of plans to find one that suits you.

Have a peace of mind by having one provider for your hardware and phone services. With a variety of office phones and service packages to choose from, we can get you set up in no time.

TelephoneYacht provides all in one hosted solutions including lines and phones, on a per user cost. You get to choose what plans work best for your business, from various plans to customized ones we are sure to have something that works for you.

Have an indicator that gives you the ability to see who is available or unavailable in your organization for a phone call at any time.

The call park feature transfers the current telephone conversation to an unused extension number and immediately puts the conversation on hold allowing users to switch phones.

Create custom voice prompts for your business, having custom on hold messages and professional voice over recordings for your business phone systems.

Use a personal directory to store the contact information you need at the press of a button.

This feature allows your business to use your VOIP phones to make announcements to individuals or groups of people quickly and efficiently.

The 3-way conference feature allows you to be in control by allowing when a third-party enters and leaves the call.

The fax to email feature enables you to receive faxes directly to your email, so even when your out of the office you don’t have to worry about missing important documents.

This feature allows your callers to enter the first 3-4 letters of the name of the person they want to call. Enable your customers to get in contact with your business efficiently.

Deliver voicemail messages directly to your email inbox, listen to messages from anywhere.

Prioritize your phone calls with the ability to route, hold, or block calls. Determine how incoming calls are handled, in a way that suits your business.

Send and receive texts over VOIP through an internet connection.

Tired of getting anonymous spam calls? This feature allows you to restrict anonymous, private, unknown, and unwanted calls in just a few clicks.

Participate in multi-way calls to make team collaboration easier.

Allow users to dial an extension within the office, which will automatically answer the call instead of ringing. Make communicating with team members quick and easy.

The Callback feature will call users back after ending the call to direct the callers to the selected destination.

Handle incoming calls and place them in line to be answered when your team is busy with other calls. Keep customers entertained by having on hold music or announcements. This enables you to give your customers a great customer service experience.

Receive notifications when you miss a fax or voicemail, no more missed messages, or voicemails.

This feature is a safe and secure way to save, store, and record two-way audio of a phone conversation in the cloud.

Follow Me feature gives the ability to users to route their incoming calls to multiple phones in a specified sequence. This allows the user to be reached at any of several phone numbers.
*Additional Charges May Apply

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