Everything You Need With One Provider

VoIP Phones give you countless options of features, interoperability, and connectivity.

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  • Plans come with different types of IP Phones, giving you countless options.
  • TelephoneYacht combines your phones and service all in one standard bill, making it easier for businesses to have all their telecom needs taken care of with one provider.
  • If you ever believe one of your phones from TelephoneYacht isn’t up to standard, open a support ticket with us and we will take care of it.
  • All In one solutions hosted in the cloud with one easy to use platform.

Business On Your Own Terms

TelephoneYacht knows how making decisions on your own terms is vital in the business industry. Which is why we offer different terms of length for our contracts when you sign up with us. We offer monthly, 12, 24, and 36-month options.

  • We make it a very convenient, hassle-free process to get you set up with new service. No hidden fees or long wait times to talk to one of our reps.
  • It’s entirely up to you how long you choose to stay with us, but we are sure that you will continue to ring in the savings with TelephoneYacht!
  • As our client’s often say, “TelephoneYacht goes above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction.”

Unique Features Custom Tailored to Your Business

TelephoneYacht prides itself in custom tailoring your phone systems to best suit your business needs.

  • Set up call routing, hunt groups, user directories, etc., In a matter of minutes.
  • VOIP features such as auto attendant, custom voice prompts, and music on hold can be unique to your business.
  • TelephoneYacht can assist you in getting started with a customized phone configuration for you and your business to stand out from the crowd.
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we will ensure you and your VoIP needs are fully cared for!

Onsite Solutions

We offer full onsite phone system design, deployment, and support solutions custom tailored to your business.

  • If you or your team ever has a concern, open a support ticket with TelephoneYacht and we will take care of it*.
  • With U.S. Based customer support, we make it easy for our team to communicate with yours and easily manage anything that comes up.
  • With 99.999% uptime, we will make sure your business phone service with us is always up to par.

Our experience with TelephoneYacht has been exceptional in every way. We received feedback from our patients, on our new phone systems and the ease it gives them when they contact us. TelephoneYacht supplied us with fantastic phone service, and VOIP phones for all of our locations.

Daniel McGowan DDS
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