Connect Teams with TelephoneYacht’s Collaboration Tools

Integrate environments across the board, with a variety of features meant to automate and enhance team collaboration.

Work Remotely

We make it a smooth and easy process to set up your business phone service. Work remotely from any location, with our mobile app. Enabling you to Make and receive calls from anywhere. Keep your business moving no matter the location.

Keep teams attentive and focused

Don’t waste time on busywork, and struggling to find a communication channel. Telephoneyacht’s all in one solution provides everything your business and employees need to maintain a focused and productive work environment.

Transfer calls where you need them

The days of running to answer office phones in other rooms are long gone. Avoid missing important calls with our ring group feature, by having groups of extensions ring when one extension is called. This feature essentially allows the nearest user to answer the phone, so your customers are always professionally supported.

Useful Tools for Team Collaboration

Direct Inward dialing allows employees to call each other using extension numbers. This tool provides clear communication between teams and offices.

Collaborate with more than 3 people in a call using this feature. Enhance your business by connecting teams and customers on a single call.

Have an indicator that gives you the ability to see who is available or unavailable in your organization for a phone call at any time.

Make team collaboration productive and efficient by participating in multi-way calls.

This feature allows your business to use your VOIP phones to make announcements to individuals or groups of people quickly and efficiently.

This feature gives your callers the ability to enter the first 3-4 letters of the name of the contact they want to call. Save time by enabling your employees to get in contact with customers quickly.

Allow users to dial an extension within the office, which will automatically answer the call instead of ringing. Make announcements VIA the intercom feature to your entire organization, in only a few short minutes.

Have multiple phones ring simultaneously, so a call never gets missed.

Ready To Enhance Your Business Communications?

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Dial Team Members with a few clicks

By using a short extension number, you can call anyone in your organization within seconds. At TelephoneYacht we believe communication and simplicity go hand in hand.