Automation Allows You to Grow Your Business Efficiently While Creating Meaningful Customer Relations.

  • Smart automations enable you to spend more time on important business operations, instead of doing busy work when it comes to communications.
  • Automation tools are meant to offload the extra workload on employees by setting up features to route incoming calls, send message alerts, forward calls, and customize voice prompts.
  • Answer your customers questions in a structured matter at the right time with our communication tools.

The Right Features Keep Your Business on Track Even When You’re Away

Call Transfer:

Connect your customers to the right place, by transferring their calls seamlessly.

Call Screening:

Tired of getting anonymous spam calls? This feature allows you to restrict anonymous, private, unknown, and unwanted calls in just a few clicks.

Voicemail to email:

Deliver voicemail messages directly to your email inbox, listen to messages from anywhere.

Call Back:

The Callback feature will call users back after ending the call to direct the callers to the selected destination.

Call Park:

The call park feature transfers the current telephone conversation to an unused extension number and immediately puts the conversation on hold allowing users to switch phones.

Message Alerts:

Receive notifications when you miss a fax or voicemail, no more missed messages, or voicemails.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Your Office Space

Take calls from anywhere, while on the go with our mobile app. Make each connection feel personal.

Call Routing that Fits Your Business Schedule

You determine how incoming calls to your business are handled, during or after hours. Leave tailored messages for your customers for after business hours, weekends, or holidays.

Countless Features Offered in a Variety of Plans to Suit Your Business Needs

Explore TelephoneYacht’s 55+ features to provide a productive environment for your customers and employees.

Create a sequence for your business

Follow Me feature gives the ability for users to customize how incoming calls will be treated by sending them to their desk, cell, or any outside phone. This allows the user to be reached by callers regardless of their current location.

An All-in-One Platform to Create Connections Today that Transform into Business Tomorrow