Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! At TelephoneYacht,you can keep your existing number(s) by porting them over to us. We make moving the numbers (porting) a very simple and hassle-free experience.

Yes. Once the initial phone setup is complete, you can provide us with the address you want to use for emergency service(s) for your location and we will update your profile accordingly.

Yes, most of our packages include standard technical support during the business hours. Premium technical support to cover the non-business hours or weekends is also available at an additional cost to our Customers.

In most cases, we can support any number of phones for our Customers with single or even multiple locations. Please contact your sales representative to discuss your specific needs.

Yes, we support standard analog Fax machines using T.38 protocol through our VOIP service. We also support Fax to Email functionality by forwarding in-coming faxes to your Emails.

Feel free to call us at (312)878-5500 or just email us at to get more information about your specific needs or to get a quote.

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